Biliary Atresia: Pediatric Liver Disease

Biliary Atresia: Pediatric Liver Disease | Dr. Ujwal Zambare

Infants often suffer from liver diseases, and one of the rare diseases is Biliary Atresia. It starts with jaundice like yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes, and kids will have a pale stool. Biliary Atresia: Pediatric Liver Disease occurs when liver cells generate liquid known as bile which helps in the proper digestion of fat but it doesn’t reach the intestines.

Reasons for Biliary Atresia: Pediatric Liver Disease  

Experts are still not aware of the exact causes of Biliary Artesia. However, many kids suffer from this disease due to inadequate formation of bile ducts during the mother’s pregnancy. Besides, some other kids will face damaged bile ducts due to viral infection that damages the immune system.

Still, here we can mention the probable causes of Biliary Artesia. These are

  • Swelling and inflammation caused due to infection.
  • Fetus exposed to harmful chemicals.

Symptoms of Biliary Artesia: Pediatric Liver Disease  

The primary sign of this disease is yellowing of the skin and pale stool. In this situation, excess Bilirubin exists in the blood. Normally, newborn babies have jaundice during the first week, but if the condition persists for a long time, doctors need to check the situation properly.

The signs of Biliary Artesia that a baby normally suffers are mentioned below.

  • Babies will suffer from light or pale stool
  • You will notice that your kids have dark brown urine.
  • A swollen belly is also a symptom of Biliary Artesia
  • Weight gain is a symptom of biliary Artesia.

If your baby is suffering from the above symptoms, it is necessary to treat the disease properly otherwise, kids can suffer from liver failure.

Diagnosis of Biliary Artesia

To diagnose the situation of the disease, doctors suggest for a blood test to check the Bilirubin. Besides,  ultrasound and Hepatobiliary scan are some possible tests necessary to diagnose Biliary Atresia: Pediatric Liver Disease. In addition, parents can take consultation with Dr.UjwalZambare, Pune, so that their babies can get the best treatment.

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