What are Drug-Induced Liver Diseases?

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People can often suffer from liver diseases due to various medications. Doctors’ prescribed medications often can cause liver diseases. Sometimes, individuals also opt for over-the-counter medicines, which can cause drug-induced liver disease.

Symptoms of liver diseases

It has been noticed that patients who suffer from liver diseases may not find some symptoms or signs. However, suffering from liver disease can cause fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite or abdominal pain, etc.

Apart from that, people may often face the signs and symptoms like yellowing skin because of the storage of bilirubin in the skin. People can often suffer from severe and advanced liver disease. Kidney failure and bacterial infections can also have a profound impact on health.

Types of drug-induced liver disease

Drug-induced liver diseases can often cause comprehensive injuries in the liver. These diseases include

  • Liver enzymes can get elevated in the blood levels, and you will not face any symptoms or signs. Several drugs can elevate the level.
  • People may suffer from Hepatitis or inflammation in liver cells.
  • Drug-induced liver disease is often caused due to Necrosis or severe Hepatitis.
  • People can also experience Cholelithiasis or low bile.
  • There can be an accumulation of fat in the liver due to various drug infections. This situation is also known as Steatosis.
  • Cirrhosis, advanced scarring on the liver, is the outcome of chronic Hepatitis.
  • Individuals can also suffer from mixed diseases combined with Hepatitis and necrosis or Hepatitis.
  • Patients can also suffer from blood clots in the liver veins.

Diagnosis and treatment

Drug-induced liver disease can get cured easily if patients reach doctors on time. Patients can contact Dr. UjwalZambare for the best Liver Disease Treatment in Pune. After going through the necessary treatment, people can get cured of this treatment within a few days.

About Dr. Ujwal Zambare

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