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Liver cirrhosis

लिव्हर सिरोसिस ची कारणे, लक्षणे व उपचार(Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms & Treatment in Marathi)

लिव्हर सिरोसिस (Liver cirrhosis) हा यकृताशी संबंधित एक जुनाट आजार आहे. जेव्हा यकृतामध्ये चरबी जमा होऊ लागते तेव्हा यकृताला न...
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liver Cirrhosis treatment in Pune

Ascites: A Common Problem in People with Cirrhosis

Ascites seem another significant problem in individuals, which has emerged as a critical health issue. This problem mainly arises due to cirrhosis or liver disease. If any person suffers from this disease, it is necessary to consult with doctors to get the best treatment. Ascites are the situation t...
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