Foods To Eat and Avoid If You Have Fatty Liver

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Fatty Liver comes across as one of the most common problems of the Liver currently. It refers to a condition where the organ contains excess fat and causes indigestion, abdominal pain, enlarged spleen, etc. It is vital to treat such problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid further problems.

So, what foods must you involve and avoid in your diet if you suffer from Fatty Liver? Let us discuss.

What you must and must not eat if you have Fatty Liver:

The first step doctors recommend is losing a certain amount of weight. Therefore your diet must also include food items that help you reduce weight and are high in fiber. The following are some items that you can include in your diet:

  • Green vegetables and Greens – Eating these food items helps to prevent the building up of fat in the Liver. They also help in good bowel movements and keep you healthy.
  • Fish – Fatty fish like Tuna, Salmon, Sardine, etc., consist of omega-3 fatty acids and increase HDL cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal and fibrous foods such as whole grains help reduce the problem of Fatty Liver.
  • Green Tea – Green tea provides antioxidants and helps reduce weight.

These are some food items that you must avoid:

  • Alcohol – Alcohol consumption is a leading cause of this problem as it increases excess fat and even leads to liver failures.
  • Processed foods – Food items contain high levels of salt and sugar, which are harmful to the body.
  • Red Meat – Meats such as beef, pork, etc., contain high cholesterol levels, hence must be avoided.
  • Junk food– Junk food contains harmful fat which damages the liver.


Even though medicines can help a great deal, it is important to take care of yourself naturally. Having a healthy lifestyle always reduces health-related risks. For getting the best assistance on this matter, contact Dr. Ujwal Zambare in Pune.