Liver Transplant Surgery: Success Rate, Recovery Time

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Liver transplant energy is one of the widely conducted operations where a liver that is functioning properly is replaced with a healthy liver. The liver is the biggest internal organ in a human being, and it performs various critical functions. A liver transplant seems one of the most effective ways to treat prominent liver diseases.

Factors to consider before liver transplantation:-

Several factors are responsible for liver transplantation. The factors are age, noticeable changes in the body weight, liver failure, past medical history, etc. Therefore, doctors do the necessary checking before suggesting liver transplantation treatment for people.

The survival rate after liver transplant:-

At present, it has been noticed that almost 75 percent of people undergo liver transplantation treatment every year. As per the research made by the NIDDK alias National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney, the survival rate of patients are as follows.

  • Almost 53% of patients survive almost 20 years after the injury
  • Nearly 72% percent people survive almost 5 years after the surgery
  • It has been noticed that 86% of patients live one year after the surgery

After operation, remedy & recovery:-

Liver transplantation is undoubtedly a vast treatment, and every patient needs to go under extra care after the operation. Doctors always suggest patients go under special care at least for six months or more to get a better result in the future. So let’s check the possible remedies that every patient needs to follow.

  • Patients need to be in intensive care for a few days after the operation. Doctors will monitor the patient’s health constantly. Normally, doctors suggest staying for at least 5 to 10 days in the hospital.
  • While staying at home, patients need to consult with doctors constantly and follow guidelines. Patients may need to undergo necessary blood tests often during their stay at home.
  • Doctors always advise patients to take proper medications for easy recovery from post-liver transplantation.


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