Liver Transplant: Prognosis, Survival and Life Expectancy

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Liver transplant surgery is a life-saving or life-altering surgery that comes with its challenges and repercussions. This surgery helps replace a damaged life or a damaged part of it with a healthy one; however, the patient’s body resists the donor’s liver in many cases.

When do you need a liver transplant?

  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Biliary Atresia
  • Chronic Hepatitis B or C

The liver transplant survival rate:-

According to a study, the survival rate from a liver transplant shows that 75% of them live for at least 5 years, the rest 25% may die within 5 years.

The survival rate depends upon a few factors:-

  • Whether the donor is alive or not- A liver transplant from a living donor will provide more chances of survival than a dead donor.
  • How the patient’s body reacts to it- In many cases, after the transplant, the donated liver fails as the patient’s body resists it. Sometimes the disease may return to the newly transplanted liver.
  • Transplant institution- The liver transplant survival rates also depend upon its center. You can check them out at the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients.
  • Surgical method- Since this is a life-saving surgery, the method is very risky. If not performed correctly, the patient may suffer from bile duct damage, heavy blood loss, etc., which might prove fatal.

Recovery process:-

Following the surgery, a patient must be at rest for 6-12 months until he/she can return to their normal routine. You may need to visit the doctor frequently to check the status of your recovery. Additionally, you will need to gulp down anti-rejection meds lifelong quit smoking or drinking.


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