Gallbladder pain: Reasons Why Your Stomach Hurts

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Every time you eat, your gallbladder produces a greenish fluid known as bile, which aids in the digestion of fats and vitamins. Tubes are called ducts to carry bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine for digestion there. Gallbladder and bile-duct problems might cause pain in the upper right side of your tummy.


These are the most common causes of gallbladder discomfort, according to a recent study. When bile clumps together into hard masses, you’ll notice them. Gallstones may be small specks or the size of a golf ball. Bile may get clogged if these stones become large enough. An attack of the gallstones, a sudden discomfort in the upper right portion of your abdomen, may result from these actions

Bacterial obstruction:-

These are either gallstones that get lodged in your bile ducts or stones that develop in the bile ducts themselves. They may do little harm unless they obstruct your bile ducts. For hours on end, you might have excruciating abdominal agony. You may have yellowing of the skin and eyes, as well as nausea and vomiting. Your doctor may remove the stones by inserting an endoscope, a little tube with a light at the end, into your bile ducts via your mouth.

The gallbladder has been ruptured and is now bleeding profusely:-

This may happen when your gallstones over time wear a hole in the walls of your organ. It’s very unusual, yet lethal. It’s possible that the right side of your upper abdomen hurts. You may also have a high temperature, vomiting, and nausea. You’ll require immediate medical attention or surgery.


There are a variety of causes for gallbladder disease or cholecystitis, which is also known as gallstone disease or gallbladder inflammation. Occasionally, tumors, germs, or bile duct disorders are also to blame.

Inflammation and swelling of the gallbladder may cause discomfort in the abdomen, especially the region directly above the stomach. The pain in your back or right shoulder blade may also be felt. You can contact Dr. Ujjwal Zambare in Pune for the best medical consultation and treatment of Gallbladder pain.