Cirrhosis of the Liver: What is It, Symptoms, Causes & Stages

Cirrhosis Liver treatment in Pune

There are varied reasons why the liver of a person can get damaged. The prominent cause of liver damage is the consumption of excess alcohol. Once scars start forming in the level, these develop damages in the liver, and Cirrhosis is the last stage of this damage. As Cirrhosis develops, more scars start generating in the liver. These scares make it impossible for the liver to operate properly. Doctors have noticed that if these scars are diagnosed on time, further damage can be prevented.

Know the symptoms of liver cirrhosis:-

Many are unaware of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis, and hence the disease got diagnosed often late. So, one must take necessary care once they notice the symptoms like loss of appetite, yellowing of the skin, fever, unexpected weight loss, fatigue, etc.

If Cirrhosis progresses, people can face other symptoms like itchy skin, swelling in the leg, fluid in the belly or abdomen, light-colored stool, memory loss, blood in stool, personality change, etc.

Cirrhosis becomes quite painful as it gets worsens. Almost 82 percent of Cirrhosis patients complain of having abdominal pain.

Causes of Cirrhosis:-

Often people invite Cirrhosis without knowing the danger of Cirrhosis. The prime cause of this painful disease is the consumption of excessive alcohol. This problem persists chronically.

Another cause of Cirrhosis is Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Many also suffer from Cirrhosis due to Fatty liver. Fatty liver is often caused by obesity and diabetes. Apart from those above, people can also suffer from this disease in case they have inherited certain illnesses like

  • Developing protein in the liver
  • Excess iron in the liver
  • Excess copper storage in the liver
  • Presence of sticky mucus in the liver, etc

Stages of Cirrhosis:-

Stage 1: Here liver contains scarring, but people will hardly face certain symptoms.

Stage 2– At this stage, the problem gets worsen

Stage 3– Abdomen starts swelling

Stage 4: Once Cirrhosis reaches this stage, it becomes life-threatening.


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