Ascites: A Common Problem in People with Cirrhosis

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Ascites seem another significant problem in individuals, which has emerged as a critical health issue. This problem mainly arises due to cirrhosis or liver disease. If any person suffers from this disease, it is necessary to consult with doctors to get the best treatment.

Ascites are the situation that occurs by building up huge fluid in the abdomen, and mainly people who suffer from cirrhosis in the liver can face the problem of Ascites.

Risk factors involve in Ascites:-

Cirrhosis can cause serious problems in individuals, putting people at serious risk. The prime conditions are mentioned below.

  • Persons suffer from fatty liver
  • Individuals suffer from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Occurrence of disorder due to high consumption of alcohol
  • Autoimmune Hepatitis and acute liver disease.

Apart from those mentioned above, some other conditions also play a vital role in developing ascites. For example, various diseases cause Ascites: heart failure, kidney failure, cancer, etc.


People who suffer from Ascites can face sudden weight gain. Also, faces inflammation of the ankles and dumpiness of breath. People will also suffer from abdominal pain and breathlessness. It also accumulates fluid and develops the abdominal cavity.

Treatments of Ascites:-

Individuals who suffer from Ascites need to consult with experts to get the best treatment. Doctors will ask patients to undergo certain tests like ultrasound and CT scan. This test will help to diagnose any scar on the abdomen. Dieticians are also there to help people to plan healthy eating habits. It is suggested that people having problems with Ascites should not consume sodium less than 2000 to 4000 milligrams per day.

Doctors always suggest maintaining a healthy lifestyle to treat AscitesEveryone needs to keep checking their weight, and one should limit the consumption of alcohol.


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