Appendectomy- Procedure, Recovery, Complications, and Risks

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Appendectomy is a kind of surgery that removes the infected appendix. This condition is referred to as appendicitis. It is often an emergency surgery.

The appendix is a pouch that is in attachment with your large intestine. It sits on the right lower part of the belly. In case you are suffering from appendicitis, it needs immediate removal. If it does not get the right treatment, it is likely to burst.


  • Procedure

In an appendectomy, the doctors do keyhole surgery. It is also termed laparoscopic surgery. This procedure is not as invasive as open surgery.

Surgeons perform appendectomy while keeping you under general anesthesia. Hence, the person will fall asleep and remain unaware of the surgery.

In case the surgeon is unable to see your appendix clearly, or if you have any other health issues, then it’s possible to do the procedure with a laparoscope. The surgeon will therefore have to do an open appendectomy with a large incision.

  • Recovery

The time for recovery after getting an appendectomy varies, and it depends on the anesthesia type, procedure type, and other complications if they arise. For example, laparoscopic surgery will occur on an outpatient basis, so the patient will get discharged early for recovering at home.

Open surgery may necessitate a stay overnight or for a longer time before getting discharged. After surgery, patients can resume their normal activities within a span of a few days, but complete recovery may require four to six weeks, during which they must avoid strenuous activity.

Complications and Risks:-

  1. Wound infection
  2. Bleeding
  3. Injury to the organs nearby
  4. Bowels getting blocked
  5. Swelling, redness, and inflammation of your belly can happen if your appendix bursts at the time of surgery.


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